Program and Project Management

Risk Management Plan

The Project Manager develops a Risk Management Plan (RMP) and manages it throughout the project. The RMP is regularly updated and reported to the Project Team, Project Sponsor, Project Advisory Committee and/or Major Capital Project Advisory Committee. The type of risk assessment, as identified below, depends on the complexity of the project. Risk Assessment – […]

Market systems and people in poverty

Markets and the private sector provide a direct means for people to participate in economic activity – to find jobs, earn income and access services. All too often, people living in poverty are excluded or disadvantaged by the way that markets operate. MSD is a coherent approach to understanding and intervening in markets so that […]

The Three Key Characteristics of Effective Training Programs

Inquiry-Based.  Collaborative.  Personalized. Personalized learning ditches traditional learning tracks and promotes the idea that you should no longer teach everybody the same lesson at the same time. Instead, you should customize learning for each person and develop individual goals. You can do this in a couple of ways: Using technology to automate proficiency mapping, knowledge […]

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