Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring is an established practice of internal oversight that provides management with an early indication of progress, or lack of thereof, in the achievement of results in both operational and financial activities.

  • Program Monitoring.
  • Beneficiaries Monitoring.

Evaluation is a systematic and objective assessment of an ongoing or completed program, project, strategy or policy.

Evaluation focuses on

  • Relevance:

Is the program doing right things?

  • Coherence:

How well does the program fits?

  • Effectiveness:

Is the program achieving its objectives?

  • Efficiency:

How well are resources being used?

  • Cost Effectiveness:

Whether the objectives of the program are achieved in minimal cost?


At lowest possible cost?


Are the results to beneficiaries justifying cost?

  • Impact:

What difference does the program make?

  • Sustainability:

Will the benefits last?

Monitoring and Evaluation
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