The Three Key Characteristics of Effective Training Programs

  1. Inquiry-Based. 
  2. Collaborative. 
  3. Personalized.

  • Personalized learning ditches traditional learning tracks and promotes the idea that you should no longer teach everybody the same lesson at the same time. Instead, you should customize learning for each person and develop individual goals. You can do this in a couple of ways:
    1. Using technology to automate proficiency mapping, knowledge and skill gaps identification and booster learning.
    2. Allowing learners to set their own goals and work independently from the trainer. This way, they can learn at their own pace and take ownership of their learning progress.
  • Basically, personalized training is allowing a person to learn based on objectives and approaches that are most effective in addressing his/her needs; driven by the sequence, timing and content the learner himself sees fit.
  • Personalizing approaches to corporate training efforts are all the rage as it optimizes the learning experience and delivers results. Here’s what you need to know about personalized corporate training.
  • personalization is a great way of letting employees work on the job whilst enjoying it; meaning it doesn’t make steps swifter than normal but allows the learner to make the most out of the learning experience instead. In comparison with classroom set-ups, the blended training approach reduces costs as well. Hiring more in-house staff, scheduling sessions that may interrupt steady productivity, and providing physical materials and food is needed no longer. On that note, not only does it return investment but also scales costs without breaking the budget. The course of corporate education is a continuous and ever-evolving cycle, so, it doesn’t stop there. Analysis and constructive feedback are also essential to any process as learners need to know their areas of improvement paired with positive reinforcement.
  • Additionally, we are constantly surrounded by personalization in almost every aspect of our digital lives: social media, advertising, music playlists and streaming services all update their content to cater to the user. This normalization of personalization has created an expectation that other aspects of life should be personalized too.
The Three Key Characteristics of Effective Training Programs
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